Our products

The products manufactured using our technology are environmentally friendly and reduce the amount of both waste and carbon dioxide emissions.

Nestable Fullpallet

See specifications

Nestable Halfpallet

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The box consists of a pallet and collars. See the specifications for each product.

Product development service

Our product development service helps your company to design new products made of 100 % recycled plastic material (all plastics, with little regards to type, purity or quality) to replace existing ones.
A product made from our material is both price competitive and will also reduce 3 kg per kg of carbon dioxide emissions.

We take part in each product development phase from the first requirement analysis to testing and production design. 

If you are interested in a product that is made from recycled plastic with our technology, contact us for a first meeting.

See below for examples of products that we have designed for our customers.

The quality and properties of our products are like those of competing products. Our products stand out due to being good for both the environment locally and the climate globally.

Success stories

Sotenäs municipality

The world’s oceans are facing a growing global environmental problem. Research reports show that today there are around 150 million tons of plastic in the world’s oceans and an estimated 5-13 million tons more end up there annually. One of the worst affected municipalities in Sweden is Sotenäs municipality, which in 2018 collected more than 32 tons of marine waste from the municipality’s coastal area.

Sotenäs sent us marine plastic litter that they were going to send for incineration, to see if we could use our technology to make a product from the bad ocean plastic, the results can be seen below. A fully functioning full pallet, ready to be used in the logistics sector today. 

Construction Plastics from Wiklunds​

The construction sector currently recycles about 1-3% of the plastic waste, the challenge is sorting out the plastic on the actual construction sites. With our technology, we can recycle the plastics that are difficult or impossible to sort out and sent to traditional recycling centers.

See below the successful project using unsorted plastics from Wiklunds in Stockholm.

The pallet is made from a mix of several different types of plastics and consists of waste collected from construction projects in the Stockholm area. 

Because our world is our business.

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