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The ground was laid out to become the technology that is now being introduced to the Scandinavian market. Finding the solution to, at an industrial scale, recycle and therefore repurpose plastic waste that historically has had no other end station than incineration, releasing massive amounts of Co2 into the atmosphere.


Wimao, our partner, was founded in Finland. They later went on and built the pilot plant on which our factories are based.


Fredrik Anderson, one of the co-founders of the Impossible Plastics brand, was offered to work together with Wimao and exploit the market in Sweden.

The first pilot factory was now up and running in Lappeenranta, Finland. 


Fredrik Anderson and William Holmberg register Impossible Plastics in Sweden. 


Impossible Plastics applies for “Klimatklivet” (a green government investment grant from Naturvårdsverket) in
Östergötlands County and Kronobergs County.


Impossible Plastics is granted “Klimatklivet” to Kronobergs County and Östergötlands County. Wimao is now a shareholder in Impossible Plastics and the name changes to Wimao Impossible Plastics.


Construction of the two plants in Ljungby and Motala begins, between the two the company will be able to take care of 14 000 tons of hard to recycle plastic waste that would otherwise go to incineration.


The two factories are now fully operational. Wimao Impossible Plastics starts the construction of two additional plants.

Because our world is our business.

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